Epic Games seeks public opinion on potential crossovers


Epic Games has been releasing surveys in a bid to gather community’s collective interest in a potential collaboration.

Fortnite has managed to maintain its position as an iconic entry in the genre, thanks to the active effort of its creator. From one originally set to rival then-pioneering PUBG, the game has even come to surpass its competition through massive adoption. But while additions to the title have been mostly hit-and-miss, it still manages to retain fan base through its dynamic contents. One that sees it offering something new with every new season.

Eccentric Choices

Veteran players would likely recall Fortnite for its quirky collaborations, which sees it dealing with even the unlikeliest of franchises. Like, superheroes, extraterrestrial beings, and even just popular figures, like the streamer Ninja. Just recently, we have seen how sports have made its way into the shooter anew when it introduced some basketball-themed contents. Its truly bizarre choices like this which oftentimes raise questions as to who is calling the shots with its crossovers.

Clearly, decisions of that nature would often boil down to management following agreements with the franchises they agree to work with. However, in other cases, zeitgeist from the gaming community plays an essential role to it, too. Giving rise to this notion is a prominent Fortnite leaker and insider ShiinaBR who claims to receive a soliciting email from Epic.

“Yesterday, Epic sent me a survey in my emails asking for my opinion on many characters/people/franchises. I’ll just post some of the most interesting ones here! Remember that Guggimon (Season 7 BP) was also in one of these surveys before he came into the game!”

Long List of Options

It is worth mentioning how said leaker spoke in how retrospective in comprehension the survey can be. That is, by mentioning an animated figure being in the list, despite having made a presence in Season 7. But it’s only one of several others who already made their iterations into the game, like Batman, Kratos, Lara Croft, etc.

Looking into the tweet, the list is actually longer than what many would suspect. It’s also broken down into the multiple categories that Epic is looking into for potential addition to the game. It ranges from the surprising, musical artists, TV shows, influences, movies, and up to the less astonishing classifications, comics, anime, and video games.

Many may be quick to blame the management team at Epic Games for the weird tie ups it has made previously. But it appears that much in the Fortnite player base is also partly to be blamed.

Image used courtesy of Fortnite/YouTube Screenshot

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