Epic Games Store adds three free games this week


A new weekend means new giveaways, as the Epic Games Store has a few more free titles. Players can claim up to three superb titles until next Thursday, July 16.

The Epic Games Store is giving away Lifeless Planet, Killing Floor 2, and The Escapists 2 this week. The headline title this week is Killing Floor 2, a coop zombie survival FPS.

The Escapists 2 is back now as the game should’ve been available a few weeks ago. The entire set of giveaways this week is amazing, with more coming for the platform.

KF2, Lifeless Planet, and The Escapists 2 up for grabs

Killing Floor 2 is a superb coop zombie FPS a la Left 4 Dead. The game has stayed on Early Access since 2015 but is still an actively updated title. Tripwire Interactive is quite liberal with the updates, from weapons to enemies and maps.

KF2 is more arcadey than the average FPS, adding different cosmetics with every update. It is more akin to rail shooters like House of the Dead, with its metric ton of guns. It’s a fun and mindless massacre, and it’s best done with friends or anons.

Their newest update is the Perilous Plunder update last June. Perilous Plunder adds a retro-futuristic pirate vibe into the entire game. Zombie killers can wield blunderbusses, dual Glocks, explosive shotguns, and more.

The Escapists 2 is another fun game among the three. The idea of TE2 is simple, as it’s similar to Prison Architect’s Escape Mode. It’s the player’s job to break out of the world’s hardest prisons.

The game should have gone free for the last few weeks, but something issues came about. Even then, the game is awesome and free, so it’s nothing to scoff at right now.

The last of the trio is Lifeless Planet, which is a space storytelling platformer. The game puts players in the boots of an astronaut who crash lands on a far-off planet. Players will then discover a small, decrepit Russian town and the secrets within it.

Torchlight 2 will come next on the EGS free slot

The three games from the Epic Games Store this week are some of the most eclectic too. Each offers a great experience to players who want something different from every title. Even then, players would want to get all three and experience each one.

The free games will stay for the entire week until July 16. After this week, the hit game Torchlight 2 will replace the games on the free slot. For players who are looking for superb freebies, the Epic Games Store is a great place to go.

Featured image courtesy of Tripwire Interactive/Youtube Screenshot

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