Epic Games Store gives away three free games this week

Epic Games Store gives away three free games this week

The Epic Games Store is feeling extra generous this week with its free games. They’re giving away two superb titles for free – Remnant: From The Ashes and The Alto Collection.

The Epic Games Store is popular for its week giveaway that starts every Thursday. For this week, they’re giving their players post-apocalyptic TPS Remnant: From the Ashes. They also have the gorgeous walking sim franchise, The Alto Collection, up for grabs.

EGS is also giving away Total War: Troy for a limited time. Fans would want to give the store a visit over the next 24 hours.

Remnant: From the Ashes and Alto Collection for free

Remnant: From the Ashes is a robust post-apocalyptic third-person shooter title. The plot follows humanity at the cusp of extinction against monstrous creatures. As one of the last remnants of a dying species, players would need to retake the world.

The game is a co-op multiplayer shooter, letting gamers have up to two other teammates. Players would need to face hordes upon hordes of horrific monsters and bosses. They would need not only to survive the face of the Earth but thrive in it too.

Remnant is a spectacle, with its superb visual design and open-world post-apocalyptic. The game plays tight and offers tons of fun. Getting it free on the EGS offers a lot of long-term value.

The Alto Collection is a complete contrast to Remnant. The game is an endless runner that comprises of Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey.

Alto’s Adventure is a snowboarding game with some chill music. Alto’s Odyssey is a sandboarding title along the same lines. While the games allow players to do tricks and increase their score, they are, in essence, walking sims.

The Alto Collection is super chill, with superb music not meant for competition. For people who want to relax for a bit, this title for free will be an enjoyable time.

Total War: Troy is free during its first 24 hours

Apart from Remnant and The Alto Collection, the Epic Games Store has more in store. Epic is also giving out the freshly launched Total War: Troy.

The game has a launch price of US$30 [AU$41.94] and is free for the first 24 hours after launch. The limited-time will end at 9 a.m. EST.

In the coming weeks, Epic is also giving away more games. Next week, Epic will have God’s Trigger and Enter the Gungeon for free. Both are awesome top-down titles that offer two different styles of gameplay.

God’s Trigger is like Hotline Miami on steroids. The aesthetic is very comic book-like, with good top-down ultra-violence to boot. Enter the Gungeon offers procedural bullet-hell levels with guns, guns, and more guns.

For players who want to avail of the freebies, all they need to do is log in. Go to the Epic Games Store freebie page and get the games for free.

Featured image courtesy of steamXO/Flickr

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