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Epic Games Store will give away two new games next week


The Epic Games Store has two upcoming titles for free next week. Players can get underwater adventure ABZU and tactical FPS Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

Every week, the Epic Games Store gives away games, from one to two every type. This week, Pikuniku is available for free until October 8 on their storefront. Now, they’re giving away two great titles that fans would enjoy.

ABZU is an out of this world underwater experience

ABZU is an underwater adventure game created by Giant Squid Studios and published by 505 Games. The game came out in 2016 for the PC and PS4, but it’s still relevant today.

ABZU lets players take on the role of an underwater diver, waking up one day floating. The diver then explores the vast depths of the blue, with ruins and old murals around. Players will then uncover an ancient mystery in the waters they wade through.

The entire game is beautiful, reminiscent of the primary gameplay loop for Subnautica. While it lacks the creative ventures of the latter, it’s still awesome.

ABZU received critical reception upon its release. The game was beautiful, with visual designs reminiscent of big AAA titles. While the title can lack player interactions at many points, it’s still worth every penny.

Now that it’s free, the entire game is a fantastic experience for those who didn’t play it. The controls are simplistic and comfortable, making it great for both new and experienced gamers.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a hardcore FPS at its finest

The other title that Epic is giving away for free is Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. This tactical FPS title came out in 2017 and one of the few Vietnam war titles out there. While the game has no single-player, the multiplayer for it is alive and well.

RS2 plays similar to Arma, Squad, or even Battlefield. Players can take on one of 13 roles in the game, divided into four classes.

Introductory classes are generally gunners, while specialists include engineers and grenadiers. Advanced roles offer positions like Commander and Radioman, while there are two more vehicular roles.

The game is more into hardcore role-playing compared to all-rounders like Call of Duty. It doesn’t have an overload of things to do, which is excellent for tactical shooters. Players can make a tactical approach to the game or go all out and start shooting.

RS2: Vietnam is brutally realistic that rewards teamplay and knowing the right role. It’s action-packed, which is always fantastic.

The Epic Games Store will host both games for free starting Thursday, October 8. Both games will be available until October 15.

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