Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney calls out Apple, Google for ‘duopoly’

Epic Games' Tim Sweeney calls out Apple, Google for 'duopoly'

Epic Games has been very vocal about its initial hesitation with expanding its game applications to the mobile stores as Google and Apple do ask for a hefty price tag for their respective mobile listing.

As the gaming community is already aware of, Epic Games has a lot of plans for its games and even for its store launcher. Its famed battle royale title, Fortnitealready expanded to the mobile platform through Google Play Store and App Store.

This was done recently after the devs hit a few snags with trying to run the Fortnite mobile on an independent platform. Even before then, the gaming giant has been vocal as to why it took them a while to make the game available on the mobile store platforms.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney somehow reiterates his complaint about Google and Apple’s mobile app store’s dev pricing, as the two tech giants are set for an antitrust hearing at the Capitol Hill.

Google and Apple’s “duopoly”

Per Bloomberg TelevisionSweeney has accused both Google and Apple of “duopoly,” due to their “excessively high fees” for app listing on their mobile stores. Accordingly, both gaming giants reportedly asks for a 30% store fee.

Of course, Sweeney is well-versed as to how “exploitative” this 30% is as his own Epic Games Store only takes 12% cut from developers.

Speaking further about “duopoly,” Sweeney told Emily Chang of Bloomberg Television: 

“You can’t have a tech monopoly dominating all, all interactions between consumers and businesses on a scale of billions of users. It just creates the same sorts of a concentration of power problems. It’s the railroads, right?”

Are Google and Apple preventing other competitors?

Since the whole Google ban issue on Huawei, the Chinese tech giant has been trying to build up an audience for their very own App Gallery. Some of their latest releases no longer have the Android OS, as well as the Google Play Store.

However, it is still a struggling journey in terms of audience and store content for Huawei.

For Google and Apple, they are reportedly making it difficult for other platforms to run applications outside of their built-in systems.

For instance, per Essentially EsportsGoogle makes the user experience a bit difficult if users choose to download anything outside of Google’s platform. For downloads outside of the Play Store, waves of pop-ups are received.

Most of the pop-ups are security warnings that terrify users.

For Apple, the media outlet reports that it imposes an “explicit policy” wherein no other developers “can build a store on iOS.” Therefore, preventing competition from other stores on its platform.

Sweeney goes on to say that this sort of practice is both “un-American and uncompetitive.”

“They don’t allow competing stores. Imagine a town that only allowed a Target and disallowed any other stores from building,” Sweeney argues.

Sweeney has also been very vocal on Twitter about the matter.

Featured image courtesy of Sergey Galyonkin/Flickr

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