Epic is giving away free swag to influencers following ‘Free Fortnite’ campaign

Free Fortnite video campaign snapshot

Epic Games is igniting its feud with Apple as it continues to roll out the “Free Fortnite” campaign, involving influencers and some cool freebies.

The move sees the Fortnite developer giving away some fancy and expensive goodies, seemingly as a mockery to Apple.

Perk of an influencer

One lucky recipient of the giveaway is Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, who shared his “present” via a Tweet. In it shows a white packaging with the label “Free Fortnite” etched on it and a logo of a “llama head” on the side of the box.

While the two-word statement is clearly a strong sentiment from Epic, the color preference is also worthy of attention. Which, to anyone who has shown interest in an Apple device, would ring as a reference to the company’s staple box depiction.

The “llama” iconography, on the other hand, pertains to the game’s ongoing collaboration with Rocket League. In particular, the Rocket League Llama Rama, which sees players engaging in a crossover event with prizes.

Unique and expensive goodies

The box’s depiction is indeed interesting. But nothing piques the receiver’s concern more than the package’s actual contents. Which, in reference to Greg Miller’s tweet, consists of a bespoke print bomber jacket and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

Although the jacket, this time, does not lack color, unlike the box that contains it, similar patterns manifest. Specifically, the text and the icon that comes engraved on both. The text was adopting a colorless hue in order to perfectly contrast its dark background. Meanwhile, the llama logo bears color stripes, alluding to the same color pattern seen in the 1977 Apple logo.

Crème de la Creme

The custom jacket alone is enough to drop many people’s jaw for its coolness. But the cream of the crop definitely boils down to Samsung’s current flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S7. Seemingly, too, making for a statement of its own with it being a rival product to Apple’s iPad.

But more than just showing something that directly competes with an emblematic Apple product, the inclusion also speaks of Fortnite’s recent recognition in the Samsung Galaxy Store—particularly being granted the “Samsung Galaxy Store Game of the Year for 2020” reward.

“In celebration, we’ve teamed up with Samsung to send you a special box of #FreeFortnite gear. While Fortnite may not currently be available on the App Store or Google Play, you can still get the latest Fortnite updates directly from the Epic Games app on the Galaxy Store. Spread the word.”

Epic Games’ Free Fortnite campaign remains an ongoing battle against not just Apple but also Google, following the game’s expulsion from both App Store and Google Play Store.

Image used courtesy of Fortnite/YouTube Screenshot

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