Epic vs Apple lawsuit reveals iOS users only fifth in ‘Fortnite’ spending

Apple vs Epic court case moves forward with a countersuit

In the continuing Epic vs Apple lawsuit, court documents reveal that the iOS is not the biggest platform for Fortnite, contrary to what people speculated.

Within the court filings of the Epic vs Apple debacle, it seems the public found out why Epic is suing. Their game, Fortnite, is getting only 7% of the total spending from iOS. Surprisingly, their largest player base comes from Playstation, with a dazzling 46.8%.

Apple users are only 7% of total spending on Fortnite

The bitter court battle between Epic Games and Apple is showing a few crucial industry information. As Epic’s Fortnite tried to bypass Apple’s 30% app store fees, the two tech giants fought over who is in the right.

The court war has come to a point where both sides are trying to reel in other companies. Apple tried to subpoena crucial storefront data from other companies like Steam and social media like Facebook.

A new saga is revealed through recent court filings that show some vital numbers for Fortnite. From these numbers, it seems iOS only fills as much as 7% of the spending for the game. If Epic did not pull out in 2020, their projection was at 5.6%.

While these numbers seem a bit on the low side, the amount they still represent is quite staggering. Estimates show that these numbers represent as much as $700 million in player spending.

Playstation leads in Fortnite spenders at 46.8%

With their iOS numbers being this low, it’s easy to see with Epic Games is suing Apple. The Epic vs Apple lawsuit stems from wanting to get more out of this chunk of money.

The likely idea would’ve been to look for ways to bypass Apple and Google’s app store fees for in-game purchases. If Epic could bypass the Playstore and the App Store, they will be raking more money from platforms they only have a small demographic in.

Among the numbers detailed, Playstation represented 46.8% of spending on Fortnite. The Xbox was in a distant second at 27.5% spending. The Nintendo Switch and PC ranks third and fourth respectively too.

iOS ranks fifth across platforms, making it a pittance compared to other demographics. These numbers come from the revenue data between March 2018 through July 2020. The court filings also detail potential replacements like Google Stadia and GeForce Now.

Within the Epic vs Apple court case, the entire debacle still has ways to go. It will take more time and mudslinging between both tech companies to finally determine who wins.

Featured image courtesy of Epic Games/Official Press Release

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