Eric Chahi’s ‘Paper Beast’ will leap to PC this summer of 2020


Paper Beast is coming to PC this summer, originally an exclusive with the Playstation VR.

The entire game is something PCVR fans waited for its unique gameplay and premise. Paper Beast is among the more avant-garde titles in PSVR for a reason.

The game comes from the pen of Eric Chahi, one of the most legendary game designers ever. The game is wonderful, showing off the aesthetics and weirdness Chahi became famous for.

Much like Another World and From Dust, the game offers a wonderful world waiting for the players.

Beast is a beautiful hallucinatory world from Eric Chahi

The premise of Beast is simple and complex at the same time. The wistful VR adventure follows a world where the internet created its world. In this world, the player is first to explore it, looking at the most primitive and awe-inspiring space imaginable.

The space where Beast brings players is hallucinatory, bordering psychoactive, and trippy. The entire game is surreal, and the player can interact with this fantastical world of wonder.

In the game, players will shape the world, its terrain, and how everything works. Players are demi-gods in their own right, shaping their new reality as they see fit. Gamers can control how the rivers flow, how the world looks, and interact with its denizens.

Its inhabitants are almost alien, making this an Edenic world of sorts. The game has an adventure mode, allowing players to enjoy puzzles and story. Beast’s primary draw, however, is its sandbox mode.

Beast’s sandbox mode gives out new features for PC fans

Paper Beast, much like Chahi’s From Dust, is an offer of godhood from its creators. The sandbox mode allows players to mess about with the world, letting them manipulate the environment.

The sandbox mode offers zero pressure to create anything. Players can do whatever they want for however long they want.


After a year of staying with the Playstation, Beast will now grace the PC screens of Chahi’s long-time fans. The game will also add a few new features that fans would love.

For starters, a PC port means near-infinite possibilities with graphics. The game will add better graphics that will make the entire game more fascinating.

The better the PC rig, the more astounding the game will become. Another add-on will be continuous move support, a common feature across many PC VR experiences.

Paper Beast will come to PC this summer on Steam, the Oculus Store, and the Viveport. The game is compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift/Rift S, and the Valve Index.

Images courtesy of Pixel Reef/Youtube Screenshots

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