‘Escape From Tarkov’ 12.7 patch notes are out now


The 12.7 update patch notes of Escape For Tarkov are now out in the wild. The changes show a ton of exciting amendments to a variety of maps in the game.

Escape From Tarkov added a few new map expansions, together with revisions to the AI. There are new weapons too, but the most significant change came to one of the game’s classic maps.

Battlestate reveals changes to Customs map

Battlestate revealed in last month’s PC Gaming Show that they would expand the Customs map. Customs is one of the oldest maps in the game, so it is about time to expand it. In the patch notes, the map would likely expand as much as 30% from its last version.

The new expansion opens up the southern side of the map’s construction area. This development unlocks a few more buildings previously inaccessible in-game. What makes this new improvement superb is the way Tarkov designs its environment.

EFT is always incredible with its layout, with its heavily detailed maps. The entire area is full of dilapidated industrial infrastructure, with broken buildings everywhere. The map also has a ton of heavy weaponry, which gives the game an incredible atmosphere.

With changes to Customs, there will be fewer people who will rely on camping. The newer, safer routes mean more players would need to be active in it. Furthermore, it’s not only the Customs map that is getting a facelift.

Shoreline gets Sanitar and more dangerous scavs

Escape From Tarkov also improved its Shoreline map, setting a new scav boss named Sanitar. Sanitar is a former doctor, and he roams around the map. Players will find him around the resort, cottages, and even the pier areas.

What makes Sanitar dangerous are his special abilities. He heals other scavs and himself, together with several buffs. He gives many of them combat stims that have superbly devastating effects.


Players can also access new combat stims that have a ton of side effects. Some can boost your movement speed but give you a pain debuff the entire raid. Operators need to be extra careful when using these combat stims.

AI scavs will get a major upgrade to their entire programming. They will now work together as a group and storm players during raids. This change prevents them from getting picked off by snipers during lone movement.

Scavs will also start looting dead bodies, including those from players. The improvement means they will likely get high-level gear if they chance upon strong operators.

For players who want to see the official patch notes, it’s best to visit the official forums. Escape From Tarkov is adding more to the game with every patch.

Images courtesy of Battlestate Games/Youtube Screenshot

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