‘Escape From Tarkov’ gets 200k concurrent players but bans 3k cheaters


Hardcore survival shooter game Escape From Tarkov is having a successful week. Battlestate Games’ FPS offering broke 200,000 concurrent players according to their announcement.

Escape From Tarkov’s devs also banned upwards of 3,000 cheaters in the game. As the game did a progress wipe with the new update and season, some players also tried to cheat their way to better rankings.

The game released in 2016 under alpha, but the game gained traction last year.

Progress reset pushed some players to cheating

Over the weekend, Battlestate Games pushed to do a total game reset in its closed beta. The entire process deleted the progress of thousands of players, coinciding with a new patch. The process also started a new season for the game.

Some players did not appreciate this action as it pushed back quests and progression. With that in mind, there is a minority of players who started cheating. Battlestate caught wind of this, pushing their Battleye anti-cheat to ban.

The anti-cheat measured caught as many as 3,000 players, according to their tweet. The dev team also announced that there are more ban waves in the upcoming future.

At around the same time, COO Nikita Buyanov posted an ecstatic Reddit post. In it, he announced that the game reached 200,000 concurrent players and this number is growing.

“Hello, тарковчане (Tarkovites)! Need your opinions – how is the 0.12.6 patch, what is good, what is bad. What is needed more than before. Please, tell,” he said. “And thank you for your dedication and interest. We broke 200k online and made a record!”

Tarkov offers solid customization and unique gameplay

Escape From Tarkov is a monumental success due to its hardcore game mechanics.

For starters, the game has one of the most massive gun customization options in any game. Players can customize everything on the gun, from the foregrips, stock, magazine, to the sights. They can even add as many sights as they want, though this is impractical.

The game’s survival mechanics are also crazy, combining the right mix of RPG and battle royale in a potent concoction. The game even tells a superb amount of lore, something that many FPS games lack.

For MMORPG games like Destiny, who thrives in the backstories and lore, Tarkov is doing the job better than most. The game, with its high level of customization, allows players to tell a story with every setup.

The lore is rich too, which gives people much meat in the bones for their MMOFPS. Escape From Tarkov is in closed beta and available if fans pre-order the game from their website.

Featured image courtesy of Battlestate Games/Youtube Screenshot

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