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‘Escape From Tarkov’ shares new map for the upcoming 12.7 patch


Battlestate Games shared their new map for Escape From Tarkov this weekend. So far, the dev team says this is their biggest map yet for the entire title.

According to their presentation on the PC Gaming Show, Escape From Tarkov is ready to drop everyone in a big city. The seemingly post-war city is a massive update for the entire game. It is gargantuan enough to change the title’s gameplay.

Streets of Tarkov “biggest and most detailed location ever”

According to Battlestate COO and head of PR Nikita Buyanov, the map is “the biggest and most detailed location ever.” So far, the new map seems to show off a city ravaged by some strife at a certain level.

The upcoming update, called Streets of Tarkov, carries an eerie sight to behold. The trailer drops the player on the streets of the city, overlooking a ravaged landscape. Vehicles are on top of each other, with graffiti covering its walls.

The entire city has cracked walls and demolished pavement as if undergoing a severe rebellion. The player then goes to what seems to be an abandoned building, moving bottom to top on its floors.

As the player sweeps the building, more destruction comes to sight. An entire pharmacy is in ruins, and an apartment comes ravaged, with no signs of life. The demo ends in a living room, cheeky enough to show a framed photo of the doge meme.

Buyanov says in the same interview that it is their team’s “attempt to simulate the realistic modern city.” It’s hard not to notice the level’s clear disarray, creating a level of visual storytelling.

EFT 12.7 patch will add up to 40% more in game’s Customs map

Audio is crucial when playing Escape From Tarkov. All matches are hardcore and serious, as the game requires to pinpoint accuracy. Players need to be on top of their game for millisecond-level reaction times and polished hearing.

The new Streets of Tarkov update make sure to underline all these. The buildings are creaking, with the sound of footsteps crunching like crackers underneath. Once the game releases, players will look for these signs of life that will eke out a win.

Together with this new map, EFT will be adding its 12.7 patch. The team notes that the new patch is more akin to a “technical patch.” The size of the Customs map will be growing soon, as the update will add an extra 30 to 40% to its bulk.

The entire expansion will create a more treacherous environment for the players. The patch will also add more features and overhauls to the entire system.

Escape From Tarkov will roll out its 12.7 patch soon, with the latest update being 12.6.7765. The game is available on the official EFT website.

Images courtesy of Battlestate Games/Youtube Screenshots

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