eSight assists visually impaired people to see clearly

eSight assists visually impaired persons to see clearly

eSight is a company that has pioneered eyewear technology that helps veterans see. The technology triggers synaptic reactions within the brain that improves eyesight.

It has been proven by science that even if a person has a good eye vision at a young age, there is still a high possibility that it will deteriorate as he or she ages.

There are several factors that affect a person’s good or poor eyesight. Some of these include the usage and stress in the eyes, genetics, and nutrition. In addition, some people don’t even have eye vision at all since they were born.

Fortunately, eSight has taken the initiative to provide a correction for weak eyesight.

eSight devices are not glasses

The company CEO, Bob Vaters, believes that they have created more than a pair of basic glasses for their users. He believes that the device that they created is a complex system of technology and not just basically a corrective refractor of light.

Being a complex combination of parts, the CEO sees that eSight should not be included in any reimbursements program of the government. People generally mistake anything worn for the eyes as eyeglasses, but eSight is entirely a different thing altogether.


Cutting edge technology and innovation

The device invented by eSight is classified as a Type One FDA approved medical device. When worn, the device triggers synaptic activities in the brain that provide the remaining photoreceptor of a person’s seeing capability.

The tool provides additional information to the brain, thereby creating a literal clearer picture for the person wearing the device.

It is able to do this because the device itself is a high powered camera with a liquid lens assisted by a proprietary algorithm invented by the company.

Wearing the device also would not be a problem as the device was made with lightweight plastic materials. This then would allow the user to wear the device all throughout the day without additional strain to the head.

Tears of joy brought by the device

The invention of the device has brought so much joy to homes with children having problems with their vision.

Charles Lim, eSight technical and operations team lead, said that ‘I’ve told my friends, ‘Look, I’ve done cameras for the NASA Hubble telescope, spacecraft and the shuttle Discovery; I’ve done broadcasts, fiber optics and GPS.’

In reality, he has done wonders for the visual and optics industry, but it seemed like those achievements were overshadowed by the eSight.

As he added, “But none of them have ever cried or shook my hand for any of the things that I’ve done for them,”

In fact, there are numerous accounts on their website as to how the device has dramatically helped people’s daily lives.


Image courtesy of Twitter/@esighteyewear

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