Essential features missing from ‘Apex Legends’

Since launching over a year ago, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends has been a massive hit so far. Its success is partly attributed to the developer’s will to change the game depending on the community’s outlook.

While the tweaks and content additions for Apex Legends has been great so far, the community argues that there are still some things that the game is lacking. If these features are added, then the battle royale could even be better.

Match reconnect

To this day, players still experience disconnection errors in the game. While it’s not entirely bothersome while playing unranked matches, players who get disconnected while in competitive have no other choice but to accept the loss and the penalty.

Most of the time, players get disconnected because of server issues. It seems unfair for them to get punished for something that isn’t their fault entirely. As such, allowing players to redeem themselves and reconnect to matches are going to be much appreciated. Even if they spawn without their loot, players would still appreciate the chance to reconnect.

Replay system

For a game filled with amazing plays and epic moments, it’s surprising that Apex Legends doesn’t have a replay system yet. If players want to record a match, they have to begin doing so manually, which is a bother. Letting the game save replays gives players the chance to review their plays to see what they did right and wrong. Of course, it will allow them to showcase their skills in the game a lot easier.


For now, players are stuck with playing the game with a group of two other friends. While the regular trios mode is good, fan reception on solos and duos mode has generally been great as well. These two modes only come during the limited-time event, and it would be better if Respawn Entertainment decides to make them permanent.

Understandably, the game and its legends are made for team play. This is why in solos mode, Respawn Entertainment should at least make a few tweaks to the legends to make them more viable for solo play.

Apex Legends is a great game, but it’s far from being the top battle royale. With these highly requested features, however, Respawn Entertainment can easily turn things around and satisfy community requests while improving the game significantly. There might eventually be a time when we see these changes added.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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