Puzzle platformer ‘Eternal Hope’ is coming to Steam


Indie platformer Eternal Hope is coming to Steam and Xbox One this August.

The 2D puzzle platformer is a story-based title reminiscent of hits like Limbo and Trine. The shadowy game of Eternal Hope seems bleak and gloomy, in contrast to its name. It is under development with Brazilian studio Doublehit Games, its first PC game release.

The team is a prolific game dev on mobile, with games like Sinking Pirates and Tiny Keepers.

Hope to follow boy looking for his lost love’s soul

Hope takes its inspirations from Studio Ghibli. This team is the animation studio responsible for hit anime films like Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, but the connection is tenuous.

The clearer connections to the game are Playdead’s game offerings. Mainly, the game seems to take its stride with 2010 indie hit Limbo and its spiritual successor, 2016’s Inside.

The design is almost the same, with the liberal use of black and white and the utilization of silhouettes. Even the story shares nearly the same as Limbo, dealing with grief and potential loss.

Eternal Hope follows Ti’bi, a boy going between two worlds to find his lost love’s soul. The boy goes on to try and find a way to restore her soul, going through a long, dangerous path to redemption.


Players can uncover secrets underneath the corruption of Shadow World

As the player goes to the Shadow World, they’ll see how dark it is. The world is not only dangerous but scary too. Even then, Ti’bi will find out that this dimension is not evil as he makes friends with its denizens.

Players will also uncover many secrets of the land and the ancients who once lived there. They will also find secrets of Ti’bi’s past.

The trailer for Hope is quite creepy in its use of colors. The somber, wistful vista of the world Ti’bi traverses is chilly to look at. The sadness it evokes is reminiscent of Ori and the Blind Forest and its sequels.

“Eternal Hope is an adventure game about a boy who must travel between two worlds in search of his beloved one’s soul, trying to find a way to bring her back to life,” noted the game’s Steam page. “Embark on a journey of love and hope and figure out clever ways to overcome obstacles in your path.”

The game has a ton of things to prove to fans. Its story, style, and play need to deviate itself from games like Limbo that came before.

Even then, Eternal Hope will likely be an experience that will tug a lot of heartstrings. The game will come on both Xbox and PC on August 2.

Images courtesy of Doublehit Games/Youtube Screenshots


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