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‘Eternals’ villain Kro first look leaked and he’s not pink


A leaked image of the villain Kro from Marvel’s Eternals reportedly appeared online and confirmed speculations that the character would be in the film.

Marvel Studios will come out with Eternals merchandise to tie with the movie, and an Instagram user claimed to have the Kro toy from an exclusive release.

“This was rumored to be a Target exclusive but apparently this will get a wide release,” _rektangular posted on the Instagram account. The account also got hold of another toy package for Kro, which isn’t exclusive to Target. However, both toys highlight one deviation from the Marvel comic books.

The Direct posted a photo of Kro from the original comic book series, and the villain is drawn with a noticeable hot pink costume. The Kro toy is less colorful but more sinister-looking, and the movie might explain the different appearances.

Who is Kro?

The comics depict Kro as the leader of the Deviants, who broke away from the Celestials. Both groups inhabited the earth thousands of centuries ago.

Kro has the ability to shapeshift, which might explain the way he looks in the Eternals movie. He also likes to disguise himself with a lot of cosmetic changes to his face. Kro’s anatomy is different than his counterparts as a figure with extreme physical endurance. His heart’s exact location within his body is not known.

Marvel has not confirmed who will play Kro in the film. According to Screen Rant, the studio might have concealed the real character played by one of the cast members announced. But it’s also possible Kro is a CGI character with a voice actor who might be named after the movie is released.

Dan Stevens rumored as Kro

But Eternals actor Kumail Nanjiani might have accidentally shared the identity of Kro.  Nanjiani had a photo of himself, his wife, co-star Brian Tyree Henry, and Beauty and the Beast actor Dan Stevens hanging out in London in September 2019. This was around the time of the movie’s filming in the city.

Stevens casting wasn’t announced, but fans speculated he’s in the movie as well. Granted, Stevens is a London local and could have just visited his friends. However, he may also be the voice actor for the villain. He’s proven that he’s got the sinister voice when he did Beauty and the Beast.

Marvel set the release of Eternals in theaters on Nov. 5, 2021. Nanjiani said that it’s a good move since they don’t want fans to watch the movie while potentially risking their health.

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

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