‘Europa Universalis 4’ is going to be free of cost on Epic Store


Europa Universalis 4 is going to be released soon on Epic Store free of cost.

Ahead of the release next Saturday, the game’s developer has announced that it will be free to download on Epic Games Store.

Want to learn about strategy games in the year 1444? Now you don’t need to buy it for £45. You can download Europa Universalis 4 for free! When this game hits PC later this month, there are many more great titles in-store at a low price… And even if you decide not to join their fight against Steam, make sure you check all of them out.

What is this game all about?

Europa Universalis 4 is the best in the series and worth trying out.

But the best strategy game on Epic Store is Europa Universalis 4. This game is one of the most modded out there, and it’s also got an excellent story that will keep you hooked for days or even weeks. Players are sure that many of you have already heard about this strategy title, but it’s worth trying out if you haven’t played it yet.

It’s weird seeing Paradox working with someone else other than Steam, but still, it seems like they are having fun making EU4 free to play right now. It’s hilarious that people are still complaining about this game being free. Well, if you don’t like it, wait until they patch the fun back to how it was before EU4 had its release. It’s not even out yet, so there’s no point complaining.

Will the content for the new game be at a discounted price in the future?

Starting soon, “Europa Universalis IV – Empires @ War” will be available at a discounted price of $39.99 / €39.99, including all content released for the game to date (up to patch 4). The free trial version will be available for download starting in February. In summary, “Europa Universalis IV – Empires @ War” is a game strategy that Paradox Interactive has developed. The game takes place in the 16th century, where you will get to lead one of the world’s great powers into the next era.

The game is about European powers. You can try it for free on the Epic Games Store at the moment and play the games all through Steam. New players will have a discounted count as well while trying out the competition.

As far as, developers said that they are working towards the proper development of the game. In recent months, they will have a better scope as well towards the further releases on Epic Store.


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