European Android devices will now have a default decentralized search engine 

Decentralization does not end in currencies alone, in fact, it can revolutionize almost everything, search engines included. And Presearch is all set to pioneer this revolution. 

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that will become a default option on all new and factory reset Android devices in the United Kingdom and Europe. Since it will sit on Google’s platform, it will inevitably compete with Google’s globally dominant search engine. 

But why would Google allow a decentralized search engine to have a default feature which could potentially eat up its market share? 

This was actually the result of Google’s legal battle with the European Commission about its dominance on the search business. The Commission said that Google has used its Android mobile OS to the fullest to expand its market share, leaving no space for fair competition. 

That is why the European Commission has slapped Google with a $4.24 billion fine for drastically reducing the competition on smartphone OS. 

Lesson learned

In 2019, Google finally announced that it would allow search engine rivals to compete for free on Android devices. 

This big decision would not only benefit other search engines that want to compete, but also the consumers themselves who can finally take advantage of various offerings. 

And Google’s announcement will now materialize on the new Android phones that will be released on September 1, where consumers will have Presearch as their default option.

Other eligible search engines will also be included, but all of them will be listed randomly, depending on the user’s location. 

The rise of Presearch

Presearch is obviously not as big as Google, but it is a competitive and highly capable search engine that processes over 1 million searches per day from its 2.3 million users. 

With the rise of decentralized products and services, the company has seen over a 300% rise in its daily searches since January 2021.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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