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European Commission confirms Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift scrutiny


The Nintendo Switch is about to get further scrutiny. The European Consumer Organization now forwarded a complaint in regards to the Joy-Con Drift.

The European Commission has now confirmed that they are looking at potential market-level issues with the Nintendo Switch.

In particular, they are checking for the potential for mass problems in the EU for the purported Joy-Con Drift.

Joy-Con Drift issue an immense pain on Nintendo

The issue of Joy-Con Drift has plagued the Japanese gaming company for the past few years.

It costs them millions of dollars in repairs and returns. Even then, the issue still comes back again and again with their hardware.

Now, the EU is stepping up to put Nintendo into further accountability.

The European Consumer Organization (BEUC) has now forwarded its complaint to the European Commission. They are calling for a Europe-wide investigation into the Drift issue.

BEUC revealed that they received almost 25,000 complaints from Switch owners across Europe.

For those unfamiliar with the issue, this happens when the device registers movements from the joysticks even without input.

Much of the complaint focuses on how joysticks are failing. They also tackle how early obsolescence comes into play for their consumers.

“According to consumer testimonies, in 88% of cases, the game controllers broke within the first two years of use,” said the statement.

“On behalf of consumer groups in affected countries, BEUC has submitted a complaint to the European Commission and national consumer protection authorities for premature obsolescence and misleading omissions of key consumer information (on the basis of the EU’s Unfair Commercial Practices Directive).”

Potential “coordinated action” vs Nintendo soon

Within the day, the European Commission further confirmed that there would be “coordinated action” and potential further investigations into the Joy-Con Drift.

If this happens, the Nintendo Switch will be under heavy scrutiny from the EU.

“The European Commission will carefully consider all the elements brought forward by BEUC together with the national consumer authorities in the coming weeks to assess the need for further investigation into the matter and a possible coordinated action as foreseen under the Consumer protection cooperation (CPC) regulation,” said an EC spokesperson to IGN.

The EU has always been pro-consumer in many of its legislation. It is among the most stringent markets when it comes to the right to repair. However, this is not Nintendo’s first hurrah.

Even before this issue with the Nintendo Switch came out, the Japanese company received fines almost 20 years ago.

In 2002, the EC levied a €149 million fine against Nintendo for price-fixing. They pushed that down to €119 million after an appeal.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo Life/YouTube Screenshot

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