‘Eve Online’ rolls out last chapter of alien invasion today


Eve Online is about to experience many changes as CCP Games announced the game’s expansion.

Over the upcoming weeks and months, players can expect “lasting consequences.” The expansion received its first taste last summer, with an unprecedented alien invasion.

Player-run empires pushed to protect their territories from a chaotic full-scale siege in Eve Online. CCP Games has no clear information as of yet on how the rollout will happen, but everything will start this May.

CCP Games starts last chapter of Triglavian Invasion

In an announcement today, CCP told its fans that the third and final chapter of the year-long expansion is coming. This expansion is the culmination of the Triglavian story called “Invasion Chapter 3”. The expansion begins today and is accessible to all players of all levels.

The final act of the invasion will introduce two new factions that players need to align. These factions are teams that fans will need to gain standing – the Edencom and the Triglavian Collective.

The Edencom is the combined forces of human empires in the game. Since EVE Online started 17 years ago, the Edencom is the default faction for all players. The new coalition is ready to create strife between long-term players and allies.

The Triglavian Collective are the alien invaders. Players would need to make choices with the expansion that will have lasting effects on their gameplay. Every skirmish in every sector of the game is an essential avenue for the future.

Victories will help increase the reputation of players in their respective factions. Players will also earn new rewards with every milestone they get in their teams.

New weapons, defense systems will come with upcoming expansion

The upcoming phase of the war will not stop at dividing the entire player base. Both sides will receive new weapons and defense systems to help in their quest. Information on these add-ons come from the game’s fictional news organization, The Scope.

“New Eden will see new structures and defences being created on all sides of the conflict as the situation develops, with the Triglavians establishing infrastructure focused on attack, and the Empires fortifying their star systems against invasion,” said the announcement.

What makes the expansion chaotic are the player-ran empires of EVE. For years, players themselves created large-scale wars with massive repercussions across the game.

The Bloodbath of B-R5RB was a massive scale PVP in the game. The event is an unofficial skirmish, coming from the biggest alliances in-game. It lasted as long as 21 hours and involved more than 7,500 players, with a total cost of $300,000.

EVE Online is free-to-play for players, and the expansion is ready for play as of today.

Featured image courtesy of CCP Games/Youtube Screenshots

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