Every defining feature of ‘Hyper Scape’

Ubisoft is entering the battle royale genre with the fast-paced and futuristic Hyper Scape. There are already a lot of competitors in the genre, so is Ubisoft adding enough variation for its upcoming battle royale?

Hyper Scape was announced last week with some gameplay footage and a cinematic trailer. The reception for the game has been good so far. It even topped Twitch when it premiered. Here’s everything we know about Ubisoft’s upcoming battle royale game.

The basics

The battle royale will pit 99 players against one another either in squads of three or in solo. When the match starts, players will drop into the map called Neo Arcadia and land in their chosen areas via landing pods. Players can easily reach any point of the map at the start of the game.

Player loadouts

Players will have four slots. Two are dedicated to weapons in the game. Based on the trailer, the battle royale will have futuristic guns and other unique firearms. Other than that, they can equip melee weapons such as swords as well. Based on what we’ve seen so far, the gunplay in the game is smooth and fair.

The other two slots are dedicated to special abilities called Hacks.  These Hacks are abilities that can do all sorts of things. Some of the abilities we’ve seen so far is a recovery ability that heals the squad and an odd skill that turns players into a ball that bounces around the map.

In Hyper Scape, players can upgrade their weapons or Hacks in a feature called Fusing. Fusing occurs when a player picks up a weapon or Hack that he already owns.

Death and respawning

When a player dies, they turn into a ghost that can scout the whole map. Players will need to find a respawn pad which is dropped upon death by enemy players, to revive a fallen ally. The allies cannot drop the respawn pads.

Since this is a battle royale, players can expect to find respawn pads throughout the map. Once revived, players will lose all of their previous weapons and Hacks.

Hyper Scape launches an open beta on July 12, most likely after Ubisoft Forward. The game will most likely be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with future consoles being considered as well.

It’s exciting to see another big developer’s take on the popular genre, but it has to shake up the game for it to able to stand up against the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Image used courtesy of Ubisoft/YouTube

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