Every detail a fan should know about ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’

Considered as the most ambitious among the series, Watch Dogs: Legion grant players to play as anyone in post-Brexit London.

Ubisoft’s newest action-adventure game Watch Dogs: Legion is undoubtedly one of the most awaited games of the year.

The game is the third entry in the Watch Dogs game series and will serve as the continuation of Watch Dogs 2 and fans are getting eager to play what Ubisoft has prepared for them. A lot of theories and rumors have been surfacing on the internet, so to save everyone from trouble, the team has gathered all the latest information about Watch Dogs: Legion.

Release Date

Watch Dogs: Legion was supposed to be launched last March 6th but Ubisoft has to delay the release of the game to have more development time.

Ubisoft also said that part of their decision to delay the game was due to the complications of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the developers will still try to keep all their games running with full features.

The game is expected to release at some point this year or worse, during the 2021 fiscal year.


Watch Dogs: Legion will take place around the United Kingdom, for the most part in London, after the authoritarian government has taken control of the nation.

As a part of the hacking team called DEDSEC, players have to form the resistance in order to claim back the country’s central city and defeat the government’s corrupt surveillance system.

There are several playable characters in the game, each with their own rich skillset and backstory. The developers, however, are trying to make each character have a more diverse effect on the overall story.

There are no main characters in Watch Dogs: Legion, but Ubisoft primarily emphasized that players can recruit any NPC inside the game. It appears that the game has an ambitious design and goal in all aspects.


Going reckless in Watch Dogs: Legion come with greater risks than ever before. If a player’s operative dies in battle, they will be gone for good. However, it seems developers will provide multiple chances to prevent this from happening.

There are still confirmation regarding this, but by watching the gameplay demos, players can choose to be arrested during the first time they go down.

Players who want to keep fighting can always get back up but dying after this special chance is likely to be permanent.


Ubisoft has not been generous in giving details about Watch Dog: Legion’s multiplayer mode. Instead, they described the single-player campaign as the “stepping stone” into the multiplayer mode.

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