Every detail about ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’ revealed

Fans are counting the days until the release of Wild Rift. However, the new version will be different from the game people knew and loved.

It has been a couple of months since Riot Games announced that League of Legends is coming to the mobile gaming scene via Wild Rift. However, the game’s developers stated that it will be a totally new game rather than just a mobile version of the world’s most popular MOBA game.

So, what does the new game have to offer? Here’s every detail every fan would want to know about League of Legends: Wild Rift.

A new MOBA

During the announcement, Riot Games stated that Wild Rift will have the same gameplay from League of Legends. However, it has been adjusted to fit the mobile trends.

Matches will be significantly shorter than their PC counterpart, lasting just about 15-20 minutes. Wild Rift will feature a brand new map and an adjusted control scheme to adapt to touchscreens.

Crossplay not supported

It has been reported that Wild Rift will not support crossplay to other consoles. For most critics, this is a good move from Riot Games since both games have unique methods of controlling the game.

Imagine how unfair it would be to play against PlayStation and Xbox users. They have specific controls that will make it easier to dominate the game.

Release date

Wild Rift’s alpha and beta testing have already started in China. It is expected that the game will be launched region by region to avoid cluttering of the servers. A full global release is expected before the year ends.


Currently, the pre-registration for Wild Rift is only available for Android users. Interested players can apply for a chance to test the game here. The site says IOS beta testing will also start soon but does not have a specific date yet.

Players who have pre-registered will have the opportunity to play the game early. Pre-registrants will also have to provide feedbacks to the developers while the game is under alpha and beta testing.

Game requirements

The developers plan to make the game playable even with low-end mobile phones. They guaranteed that Wild Rift would be accessible even for those who have phones that cannot support high graphics.

For Android users, the minimum requirement to be able to play the game is a smartphone with at least 1GB RAM, which runs on either Adreno 306 GPU or Qualcomm Snapdragon 410.

For Apple devices, Wild Rift will run on the iPhone 5s and above.

Featured image courtesy of Engadget/Website Screenshot

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