Every detail on ‘Pokemon Go’ Fest Weekly Challenge Tasks and Rewards

pokemon go fest

The annual Pokemon Go Fest is officially underway. The Weekly Challenges will be the best to finish quests and receive global rewards.

Pokemon Go Fest will serve as the celebratory event for the mobile game’s fourth anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, Niantic has prepared weekly in-game events.

The first week of challenges started a few hours ago and has already introduced new Pokemon, rewards, shinies, and a lot more. There is a lot to do in the five-day duration of the first event, so read on for details of the first weekly challenge.

Pokemon Go Fest Week 1 schedule

The first week of the Pokemon Go Fest Weekly Challenge started last July 3, 2020, and will continue to run until Wednesday, July 8, 2020, at 10 PM local time.

Pokemon Go Fest Weekly Challenge

Every week, there will be three sets of challenges for players to finish. These will be based on player’s skills, which will test their abilities such as throwing Pokeballs and more.

Players will need to complete these challenges to earn encounters with Ducklett, a Water- and Flying-type Pokemon coming from the Unova region. The event will serve as Ducklett and Swanna’s debut, so players must make sure to finish the challenges to catch this Pokemon.

If a million players from each Pokemon Go team complete the challenges, the following Pokemon will appear more frequently during the event:

  • Team Instinct – Chimecho
  • Team Mystic – Alomomola
  • Team Valor – Chansey

Completing the weekly challenge will also unlock the Pokemon Go Fest Elite Skill Challenges. These are a set of arduous tasks that a player can complete to earn bragging rights.

Shiny Pidove and Ducklett

Ducklett will be appearing as a reward encounter for finishing certain challenges. In addition, players can also have a chance of catching the Pokemon in 5km eggs and in the wild.

Another Flying-type Pokemon, Pidove, will also be featured in the event. Pidove and its Shiny form will also be making a debut in Pokemon Go.

Flying Pikachu

There are various types of Pikachus in Pokemon Go. Most of them are wearing unique hats representing the event they were featured from.

However, for the fourth-anniversary celebration, a Flying Pikachu will be appearing in the overworld and Gym Raids. The Flying Pikachu is a unique kind of Pikachu since it is being lifted by a cluster of balloons.

It is still uncertain what will make this Pikachu unique aside from its appearance. However, rumors have been circulating that it can learn the exclusive move – Fly. Lucky fans will also have the chance to get a Shiny Flying Pikachu.

Ho-Oh Raids

The Legendary Fire/Flying Pokemon Ho-Oh will be returning to Raids for the weekend. The raid event started yesterday and will run until Monday, July 6, 2020.

During the first weekend of Pokemon Go Fest, players can battle and catch the Legendary Pokemon in five-star raids.

Featured image courtesy of The Trainer Club/YouTube Screenshot

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