Every detail on the 7-hour global maintenance of ‘Pokemon Go’

The Pokemon Go community will have to put their phones down on June 1 as Niantic performs global maintenance for 7 straight hours.

Pokemon Go players will have a few hours to relax from catching those cute monsters. This is because of Niantic shutting down the game’s servers on June 1 for a much needed global maintenance.

However, players don’t need to worry since the maintenance will only last for a few hours. Looking back, Pokemon Go took the world by storm when it was released in July 2016.

Bigger than ever

Pokemon Go allowed every fan to live their childhood dreams of going on an adventure and catch their ideal Pokemon.

As the game continued to grow, Niantic announced that the game generated almost $900 million (1.3 billion AUD) in in-game purchases.

Since its release, the developers continued efforts to make the app better by adding new Pokemon to catch and improving its gameplay.

Despite today’s global pandemic, the developers even found a way to let players catch Pokemon even if they are stuck at home.

It comes with no surprise that Niantic is still providing the Pokemon Go community with new content. Just as the upcoming global server maintenance coming next week.

Maintenance Schedule

According to Niantic the global server maintenance will start on June 1 and will last for 7 hours.. Here is the worldwide schedule for global maintenance:

  • Pacific: June 1 from11AM – 6PM
  • Central: June 1 from 1PM – 8PM
  • Eastern: June 1 from 2PM – 9PM
  • London: June 1 from 7PM – June 2 2AM
  • Berlin: June 1 from 8PM – June 2 3AM
  • Sydney: June 2 from 4AM – 11AM
  • Dubai: June 2 from 10PM – 5AM

Once the maintenance is complete, the developers promised to restore the game back up immediately.

Before the maintenance

While waiting for global maintenance, players can continue completing the May events including the Throwback events.

They can also go online on May 26 to improve their chances of catching a shiny Bronzor. In addition, players can also vote for the next featured Pokemon for the June and July Community Days.

No slowing down

The game is still a huge success even after four years since its release. The game has no plans of losing its fame or slowing down.

With frequent updates and occasional server updates to improve the game, it is clear that the developers are dedicated to keep its fanbase entertained.

In earlier news, Niantic revealed that three Legendary Pokemons will soon appear in Pokemon Go in the coming days. The first of the three to appear on Raid Battles is Reshiram on May 26, 2020.

Featured image courtesy of Shivam Garg/Youtube Screenshot

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