Every detail revealed about the upcoming ‘Fortnite’ Device event

The Fortnite Device event and season 3 is just around the corner. Players can only hope that the update won’t get delayed anymore.

The upcoming Fortnite Device event is looking to change the whole map. Players and fans can’t imagine a better way to end the current season rather than having secret agent teams fighting each other to the death.

Despite all the delays coming from the developers and the global chaos happening right now, fans can expect Season 3 and the Fortnite Device event to be released next week. Here’s every confirmed detail about the event, including start date, map changes, what’s going to happen, and more.

When is the event starting?

After getting delayed for a few times, Epic Games’ latest announcement is that the Fortnite Device event will begin Monday next week, June 15, 2020. However, the developers didn’t specify if the event will happen at the same time as their previous announcements.

Epic Games had to delay Fortnite’s events and updates to pay respect to the protest movements happening all over the United States. The protest focused on the murder of George Floyd, racism, and police brutality.

Even before the protests, the Device event and Season 3 were delayed twice because of logistical reasons. The developers said they needed more time to prepare the big changes that are set for next season.

The first delay happened last April, and the second delay was announced during the last week of May.

Fortnite Device event leaks

No one still knows what will exactly happen when Midas finally uses his device. However, there are leaked videos and images showing the impact of the event.

The leaked images show a ruined Agency, which means the building will not survive past the second season. The building is located right in the middle of the map, where mysterious hatches can be seen submerged under the water.

It is also where spy boss Midas can be found, and past datamine also indicates that the event’s epicenter will be at The Agency. There are also trustworthy leaks that the map will be flooded, and water will fade during Season 3.

How to watch

The best way to watch the Fortnite Device event will be inside a player’s Fortnite account. Players are recommended to login ahead of the start time to ensure a spot. Fans who can’t attend the event on their own can tune in to famous Fortnite streamers such as Tfue, Ninja, and SypherPK.

Featured image courtesy of Rah/Youtube Screenshot


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