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Every minigame type in ‘Fall Guys’


DevolverDigital’s Fall Guys is an amazing battle royale game that’s lighthearted and challenging at the same time. To get the Crown and win the game, players will need to survive various minigames first.

In Fall Guys, players will have to survive various minigames and outlast 59 other contestants. There are over 20 different games to choose from, and all of them fall under a certain type. Here’s what players should know about the minigames in this wacky battle royale.


Race is the most basic type of minigame in the game. In it, players simply need to reach the finish line either before time runs out or up until the set number of players has already made it through. In races, players will have to move their way through various obstacles, depending on what map they are on.

For instance, in Fruit Chute, players will have to traverse a treadmill while avoiding giant fruit ahead of them. In Gate Crash, players will have to surpass walls that go up and down.


A lot of players hate team minigames in Fall Guys simply because they’ll need to rely on others to win. Team fights are mostly based on scoring systems. The team with the most tails, eggs, or goals will all make it through to the next round. These are generally the longest minigames as they last for at least 2 minutes.


In survival, players will have to stay on a platform or in an area until a set number of players have been eliminated. It’s one of the most interesting and exciting minigame types in the fun battle royale. During these games, players will have to make use of their skills and their mind as well.


There are three modes in Final, and they are Fall Mountain, Hex-A-Gone, and Royal Fumble. These games will determine the winner of the match, so it’s always an all-out-war. These challenges are generally more difficult than others, and it will take a certain amount of luck to be the last one to grab the crown. These three games are also based on the three types of minigames stated before.

Players should try out Fall Guys. It’s now out for the PC and PlayStation 4, and it’s arguably one of the best takes on the battle royale genre. The game’s current battle pass is free, so players will be rewarded for participating in the game.

Image used courtesy of DevolverDigital/YouTube

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