Every new feature and content confirmed for Fall Guys Season 2

Fall Guys Season 2 is set to release sometime this month, but there isn’t a release date yet. However, there are a ton of new features that we know are coming to the anticipated content update already.

DevolverDigital has officially given us the release date for Fall Guys Season 2. The medieval-themed season comes to us this Oct. 8. Players are excited to see what’s to come to the game, but there are still a few days to wait. Here’s a peek at what’s confirmed to be coming to the game.

Customization options and cosmetics

The game adds a selection of new skins, which are all medieval themed. Based on the trailer, some of the confirmed skins include a dragon, a knight, a dark knight, a wizard, and what seems to be a peasant. On top of all these, we’ve yet to see the new emotes, faces, and patterns that are coming to the game.

The developers have also confirmed that banners and nicknames are coming to the game as new customizable options.

New stages

Perhaps the biggest and most anticipated change for Fall Guys Season 2 are the new stages. Like the costumes, the new stages will be based on the theme. The trailers’ sneak peek showed off what seemed to be stages filled with obstacles such as ramparts and swinging guillotines.

A lot of the stages also feature a unique theme that’s unlike any of the stages that players have seen so far.

These new stages aren’t going to take over the game completely. Instead, the new playlist will be added to the old one. There will be a larger variety of ways to play the game once the new stages arrive. Fans are hoping that there will be more last round stages this time around.

More rewards

DevolverDigital is heeding the call of players for more rewards in the battle pass. Just recently, they’ve confirmed that there will be 600% more crowns in the game. There’s bound to be more rewards in the battle pass. Fans are hoping that aside from more crowns, there will be several other bonuses as well.

DevolverDigital’s Fall Guys Season 2 is one of the most anticipated season updates for a battle royale this year. The hit battle royale is still one of the most popular titles out there. Hopefully, the developers showcase everything else that’s to come in the upcoming content update.

Image used courtesy of DevolverDigital/YouTube

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