Every PS5 game announced in Sony’s Future of Gaming event + trailers

Every PS5 game announced in Sony's Future of Gaming event + trailers

With Sony finally revealing the PS5 console, check out all the exciting games that will come on the highly anticipated next-gen console.

Sony garnered much attention when they finally revealed all the games that are coming to the PS5. But among the things that stood out was the company finally revealing what the console would look like.

This comes after Sony decided to delay the Future of Gaming event after massive protests broke out in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death at the hands of police officers. It is true that the unveiling of the PS5 hardware garnered much attention during the event; however, the games were still the center of attention.

Dominating conversations

Around seven million people tuned into Twitch and YouTube for the event. That number is now around 12 million.  Comparing it with Microsoft’s games showcase last May, Sony’s event far exceeds the latter by a long mile. The Xbox games showcase only garnered around 720,000 in viewership.

Microsoft has devoted monthly events to promote Xbox Series X. The company certainly didn’t hold back in giving fans Xbox Series X related information. Since the next-gen console’s reveal in mid-December, Microsoft was consistent in giving updates.

Sony, on the other hand, had been silent for a long time when it comes to the PS5 hardware, price, and its titles. However, since the Future of Gaming event, the PS5 has continued to dominate conversations. It has overshadowed the Xbox Series X in terms of attention.

This may not be all that surprising, given that Playstation does hold the market lead.

All the titles announced for the PS5

What made the PS4 so successful back when it was released were the exclusive titles that came with it. Most people buy gaming consoles for the games that they offer. During the PS4’s run, it had multiple successful exclusive titles like The Last of Us, God of WarSpider-Man, and Horizon Zero Dawn. These titles reportedly furthered PS4 sales.

What’s interesting about Playstation exclusives is that they are, in fact, “exclusive.” This means that for a certain period of time, they can only be playable using a Playstation console. The same thing cannot be said with the Xbox.

Xbox exclusives can also be played on the PC. Because of this, gamers think it’s more practical to buy a Playstation for the exclusives and a PC for Xbox and PC games.

During the Future of Gaming event, Sony announced some big exclusives that would probably get fans stirring. Among these are Horizon Forbidden West, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, as well as an enhanced and expanded GTA V

Here is a complete list of all the games announced for the PS5.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales – Holiday 2020

Horizon Forbidden West – TBA

Grand Theft Auto V (Expanded and Enhanced) – 2021

Kena: Bridge of Spirits – TBA

Ghostwire: Tokyo – 2021

Goodbye Volcano High – 2021

Bugsnax – Holiday 2020

Deathloop – TBA

Resident Evil Village – 2021

 Jett: The Far Shore – Holiday 2020

Returnal – Holiday 2020

Gran Turismo 7 – TBA

Project Athia – TBA

 Solar Ash – 2021

Stray – 2021

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – TBA

Oddworld: Soulstorm – TBA

Hitman III – January 2021

Pragmata – 2022

NBA 2K21 – Holiday 2020

Astro’s Playroom – 2021

Demon’s Souls Remake – TBA

Sackboy: A Big Adventure – TBa

Destruction AllStars – TBA

Godfall – Holiday 2020

The PS5 is all set for release this coming Holiday 2020.


Image courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube (1)

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