Everyone’s favorite blue bomber goes Virtual Reality in ‘Mega Man VR’

Everyone's favorite blue bomber goes Virtual Reality in 'Mega Man VR'

Mega Man—one of Capcom’s oldest and most beloved franchises—is making the leap to simulated environments in the upcoming Mega Man VR: Targeted Virtual World!!

Legendary video game developer and publisher Capcom has a brand new video game experience planned for Mega Man enthusiasts, as the fan-favorite Blue Bomber makes his way to VR in Mega Man VR: Targeted Virtual World!!

The Japanese developer recently announced that Mega Man would once again be butting heads with his long-time nemesis Dr. Wily as the latest attraction in Capcom Plaza Ikebukuro’s “VR-X” corner, making its debut on July 18, 2020.

Targeted Virtual World!! reveal trailer

Capcom dropped a minute-long cinematic trailer alongside the game’s reveal, showing off a few familiar foes and a new power picked up from Mega Man’s most recent outing.

Targeted Virtual World!! seems to primarily use resources from Mega Man 11, as all the enemies and the ability showcased in the video are from the eleventh mainline installment.

The trailer starts with the beloved protagonist beaming into a generic-looking level, instantly being swarmed by Metalls (those cute little robots with hardhats), Lyrics, Shumobeys, and Shield Attackers.

After quickly dispatching the minor enemies with his Mega Buster pellets, Block Man drops in through the ceiling in his armored Power Gear form, digging into the ground and tossing debris at the Blue Metal Hero.

Mega Man uses his agility to evade the incoming rocks, followed by a well-timed use of his Speed Gear ability to dodge Block Man’s punch. He then leaps into the air, gathering energy for what looks like his famous charged shot, only to be cut short by the game’s title splashing across the screen.

The video ends with Dr. Wily putting on a VR device with his trademark “Dr. W” logo displayed on its front.

The plot behind Mega Man’s VR adventure

According to Japanese gaming publication Gematsu, Capcom posted the game’s synopsis on their official Japanese website. Mega Man VR reportedly takes place in a virtual reality world that exists in the Mega Man universe, built for everyone’s entertainment.

Unfortunately, Dr. Wily just can’t help being his bad guy self and attempts to hack the simulation for his evils plans. Now, it’s up to Mega Man, armed with his virtual reality goggles, to stop the menacing mastermind.

Capcom has yet to reveal plans of exporting the attraction outside of Japan, nor have they announced news of Mega Man VR: Targeted Virtual World!! makings its way to home VR devices.

Featured image courtesy of Capcom

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