Everything announced in the Pokemon Presents livestream

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo recently held the Pokemon Presents livestream. Those who were online to witness the event should be excited about the recent announcement regarding the franchise.

The Pokemon Presents livestream had a lot of surprise announcements, and needless to say, fans of the franchise have a lot to be excited about. Here are the biggest announcements so far.

‘Pokemon Smile’

The event was kicked off with the announcement of Pokemon Smile for Android and iOS devices. The game is now available, and it’s great for kids. Essentially, Pokemon Smile will encourage kids to brush their teeth properly. While the app is running, they can catch certain Pokemon while brushing their teeth.

‘Pokemon Cafe Mix’

The stream also revealed Pokemon Cafe Mix, which is another mobile game for Android and iOS devices. It will also be available on the Switch. Although the game hasn’t launched yet, players can pre-register for the game so that they’ll be notified when the game launches.

Pokemon Cafe is a puzzle game that instructs players to link together certain icons to clear the board and to earn points. True to its name, players will run a cafe manned by some Pokemon.

Another event on the 24th

Those who were disappointed with the announcements have a lot to look forward to as another Pokemon Presents livestream will be held on the 24th. The upcoming livestream is said to reveal a major project that’s being worked on by the developers. As early as now, fans are speculating that it’s the highly rumored remaster of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

‘Pokemon Snap’

A new Pokemon Snap is in the works for the Nintendo Switch. The classic was first available on the Nintendo 64, and it’s been a long-time coming. Pokemon Snap is light and casual experience that lets players roam around various locales while taking pictures of Pokemon.

There were some first, and new-gen Pokemons revealed in the trailer. Not much has been revealed about the game yet, but fans are already excited to learn more about it.

‘Pokemon GO’ content

Niantic’s Pokemon GO is going to get some new content. According to the stream, the game will soon introduce Mega-Evolutions. This feature was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y. It allowed Pokemon to evolve into more powerful forms temporarily. It will be exciting to see how the feature plays out in the sequel.

The Pokemon Presents stream revealed some surprises that fans should be ecstatic for. However, we’re sure that the stream on the 24th will have something bigger.


Image used courtesy of The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel/YouTube

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