Everything new in ‘No Man’s Sky’ Origins update

No Man’s Sky has been through a lot since launching a few years back. Thanks to updates like No Man’s Sky Origins, the game is barely recognizable as compared to when it first launched.

No Man’s Sky launched to poor reception in 2016, with many players complaining that many promised features were missing from the game. The developer has since stepped up to the challenge to make the game better. Now, the No Man’s Sky Origins update takes the game to even greater heights.

The patch notes show and an extensive list of changes. Here are the most notable ones players need to know.

New planets

There are already over 18 quintillion planets in the game, but the developers have expanded the list even further. Through procedural generation, the developers have added millions of planets in already existing solar systems.

What’s even better is that these planets are more diverse than the rest. They have different layouts, biomes, and much more. Players should have fun exploring these new worlds.

Beyond that, each and every world has been greatly improved. Players don’t need to worry about their bases, though, as the developer promises that these will remain untouched despite the changes.

New flora and fauna

The wild and plant life has always been the stars of the planets in the game. In the No Man’s Sky Origins update, flora and fauna have been improved as well. This means that players can expect more weird combinations when exploring the planets. This is part of Hello Game’s improvements to the game’s procedural generation.

Visual improvements

A lot of visual aspects of the game have been improved, including the color palettes and cloud rendering. Players can expect to see more diversity wherever they go. It will feel like each new planet is a completely alien one, which will make exploration more rewarding.

Apart from all of these mechanical and visual changes, Hello Games also made improvements to key aspects of the game. These include a new UI, improvements to teleportation, base building, and many more.

The No Man’s Sky Origins update is a surprise coming from Hello Games. There may be more upcoming updates from the developer. However, it seems like this major one is the last for this year. Little by little, Hello Games has improved No Man’s Sky greatly. Who knows when the upgrades to the game will end.

Image used courtesy of HelloGamesTube/YouTube

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