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Everything new with the ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Fall update


After teasing fans for a few days, Nintendo has finally unveiled the latest trailer for the next Animal Crossing New Horizons update. Players are set in for a spooky time next month!

Nintendo finally released the official trailer for the Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall update, and players are in for a treat. Starting this October, players will have access to all the goodies coming in the event. Here’s what’s in store for players the next month.

Collect candy for the Halloween event

Starting on Sept. 30, players will be able to collect candy for the game. This will be used for a special trick or treat event that will happen at the end of October, starting at nighttime. During the event, players can give out candy to other residents on the island.

During that event, Jack, the Czar of Halloween, will make an appearance to officiate the event. Players will likely be able to get some exclusive items during Halloween night.

Of course, players will be able to prepare a costume of their own during the event. These customization items will be available starting next month, so players should stock up on them fast.

Farming mechanics

As predicted, Animal Crossing New Horizons will officially introduce the new farming mechanics to the game next month. However, players will be limited to planting pumpkins. The pumpkins will be used as an ingredient for DIY recipes exclusively available during the Halloween season.

We’ve yet to know exactly how the mechanic works, but from the look of things, players will be able to buy seeds. They’ll then have to plant it in a plot of land to water for a few days before it grows.

App upgrade

The Nookphone app will also be getting an upgrade soon. Nintendo is yet to reveal what the updates are, but it seems like it will be focused on things pertaining to the events in the game. We’ll most likely see these changes within the coming weeks, but for now, players are glad that the Nookphone is officially getting an update.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is going to get a major update next month, and players are more than excited. The farming mechanics is expected to be expanded on within the coming months, and hopefully, we finally get the leaked features for the game. The farming mechanics are just the start of it for sure.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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