Everything players need to know about the ‘Pokemon Go’ Bug-Out event

The annual Pokemon Go Bug-Out event is underway. Moreover, players will get another round of unique research tasks, and shiny bug spawns.

The current Pokemon Go Bug-Out in-game event focuses the spotlight on Bug-type monsters. This gives trainers a chance at catching a rare Shiny Pokemon and a lot more.

The Bug-Out event began last Friday, which means more Bug Pokemon are appearing in the game right now. In addition, there are also new time-limited field researches and a few in-game bonuses players can take advantage of.

Field Research Tasks

The Bug-Out event time-limited research challenges will only be announced until the event has begun in other parts of the world.

However, the developers confirmed that Venipede, Dwebble, and Scyther would be some of the rewards for accomplishing certain challenges.

Here are a few confirmed rewards for the event:

    • 1000x Stardust – Catch Bug Pokemon (7)
    • Burmy – Catch Bug Pokemon (15)
    • Scyther – Hatch an egg
    • Pineco – Perform Curveball throws (5)
    • Karrablast/Shelment – Trade a Pokemon
    • Dwebble – Use berries when catching a Pokemon (3)

Shiny Dwebble

The Bug/Rock-type Pokemon, Dwebble, will be debuting its Shiny form along with the Bug-Out event.

Pokemon Go players will have higher chances of finding a Shiny Dwebble during the five-day event. Dwebble will be appearing more in the overworld and will be given as a reward for finishing a certain task.

In addition, Dwebble will also be showing up in Raid Battles for the duration of the event. Shiny Dwebbles has an orange to green body color, so players can easily spot one.

Other bonuses

During the event, trainers will get double XP every time they catch a Pokemon. In addition, incenses will also draw more Bug-type Pokemon.

Here is the schedule of Bug Pokemon appearing on each day of the event:

    • Friday, June 26 to Saturday, June 27 – Nincada
    • Sunday, June 28 to Monday, Jun 29 – Wurmple
    • Monday, June 30 to Tuesday, July 1 – Scyther

Pinsir Raid Day is canceled


Pinsir is a mediocre Pokemon in the current game meta, so players won’t likely be that disappointed with the news. However, the chance to have three free Raid Passes is always a great advantage to have during Raid Day, so this will certainly be missed for this month.

Although the news is a little frustrating, at least Go Battle League Season 2 is coming back to Pokemon Go after the Bug-Out event ends.

Featured image courtesy of LiftingandZombies/YouTube Screenshot

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