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Everything revealed about ‘Final Fantasy XVI’


RPG fans can’t help but talk about Final Fantasy XVI since it was revealed last month. Just recently, the developers gave us a closer look at the game by detailing more about what we can expect from the story.

Final Fantasy XVI is already in the works, but there’s not many fans know about it. However, the developers have opened up a new website for the game, which details a lot of the things players should know about the game’s lore and story. Here’s what we know so far.

The World

The game will be set in Valisthea, which is powered by the Mothercrystals. These crystals are huge, and they tower across the regions in the game. It’s likely that each of the crystals represents one of the regions. The crystals themselves provide Aether, which allows people to use Magicks and live better lives.

Valisthea has been ravaged by wars due to conflicts over the Mothercrystals. In the game, there are six regions that reside in each of the Mothercrystal. There has been peace within these regions, but an unexplained phenomena called the Blight will break this peace.

Main characters

The main protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI is Clive Rosfield. He is said to have the Phoenix Eikon. In the trailer, what we see is an older Clive Rosfield. In the new key art, however is a younger version of him hence hinting at a possible time skip in the game.

We also see Joshua Rosfield, who’s Clive’s younger brother.  Next is Jill Warrick, a friend of the two brothers.


The Eikons will play a key role in the story. They are the most powerful beings in the game’s world, and they are essentially the summons from the Final Fantasy series. Some of the confirmed summons are Titan, Ifrit, Phoenix, and Shiva. We’ve yet to know how many summons there are.

We’ve yet to know if characters like Clive and Joshua will transform into these Eikons. There’s a good chance that, like previous games, they can be summoned as a different entity instead.

Final Fantasy XVI doesn’t have a release date yet. However, it’s confirmed that the game will launch for the PlayStation 5 and PC. Based on what we’ve seen so far, the developers are going to bring back the series to its fantasy roots. Hopefully, we get to see more of the game and the gameplay soon.

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