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Everything revealed in ‘The Last of Us 2’ State of Play


Naughty Dog has once again given us a special look at the upcoming The Last of Us 2. As it’s the center of the recent State of Play, we’ve learned a significant amount of things regarding Ellie’s next journey.

The State of Play recently premiered and with comes a new trailer showcasing all that The Last of Us 2 has to offer. Since there are many things found in the trailer, let’s start right off by counting them down.

New world, new adventure

The trailer starts off by talking about the explorable area that Ellie is going to have access to in the sequel. The game’s story will take players to cities never explored in the previous game, but a huge chunk of it will be staged at Seattle. The city is filled with diverse locations and secrets.

The world itself is large enough that Ellie has to use horses to get from one point to the other at times. Lastly, as the story spans a certain period, players will get to experience different seasons and climates as they did in the original.

The threats

The Fireflies may be gone in the sequel, but there are new threats awaiting Ellie. In Seattle, she will be dropped amid a faction war between the Washington Liberation Front (WLF) and the Seraphytes.

Both factions function differently in The Last of Us 2. The WLF is highly militaristic and well-trained, so they use guns and other heavy weapons. The cult-like Seraphytes, on the other hand, prefer stealth, so they use knives and bows.

Of course, zombies are still a threat in the world, and the sequel will bring back the ones that tormented players in the first game. The sequel will also introduce a new stage of the mutation called the Shamblers. These zombies are heavily armored and will release spore clouds when hit,

Ellie will have to approach these threats with various strategies, or she can also pit them against one another and attack once their numbers are depleted.

Upgrading and crafting system

Naughty Dog has improved the upgrading and crafting system from the original game. Aside from giving Ellie access to more impactful upgrades, there will also be more upgrades to choose from as well.

As for what she can craft, Ellie can create an assortment of useful tools such as bomb arrows and silencer attachments for her weapons.

The Last of Us 2 launches on June 19 for the PlayStation 4. There will be more details to come from Naughty Dog in the coming weeks.

Image used courtesy of Sony/YouTube

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