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Everything we know about ‘Overwatch Summer Games 2020’


One of the things that keep Overwatch players coming back for more is its seasonal events. The upcoming event is the Overwatch Summer Games, and it’s happening real soon.

The Overwatch Anniversary Event signals the end of a year’s worth of seasonal events for the shooter. On the other hand, the Overwatch Summer Games signifies the start of a new series of events for the game. Here’s everything we know about the game’s upcoming seasonal event.

Start date

Blizzard is yet to reveal the start date for the upcoming event, but based on previous Summer Games, this year will most likely start in the middle of this month and will end by the end of August’s first week. Last year, the event began on July 14 and ended on August 4. This year’s schedule may, more or less, be the same.

We can expect Blizzard to begin showcasing the teases for the event, including the new skins pretty soon.

New Skins

Each of the Summer Games has introduced a summer-themed skin for the heroes, or it could also be a sports-themed skin. Last year, players got to collect some summer-themed skins for the game’s characters, such as Torbjorn.

Aside from these, it’s also a guarantee that weekly challenges will be available again. Over the course of three weeks, players will be able to collect a spray, an icon, and a skin for one of the heroes in the game. They can easily get these collectibles by winning nine games per week during the Overwatch Summer Games.

The new skins in the event will be worth 3,000 gold each. At the same time, the event skins from previous seasons will be worth 1,000 gold each. Players should save up their gold as early as now.

What else is new?

The Summer Games will also bring back the exclusive event brawl, Lucioball. Along with it will come a time-limited competitive play for the game mode. In Lucioball, players will get to play a soccer-like event with the game’s popular support character. There might be some variation with this year’s Lucioball as it has always been requested by fans.

The Overwatch Summer Games event is never as popular as the other events in the game, but players still enjoy collecting skins throughout this seasonal event. Fans are hoping that Blizzard introduces some amazing skins to collect during this year’s iteration of the Summer Games.

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