Everything we know about ‘UFC 4’s’ career mode

The upcoming UFC 4 is EA Sports’ next big step into MMA, and they’re coming in with a bang. We’ve seen a lot of what the game has to offer recently, but now we’re taking a look at its anticipated Career Mode.

Career Modes in sports games are the favorite among sports fans. It lets them live out their dreams of becoming a pro, and UFC 4 hopes to do just that. Just recently, the developer dove deep into what players should expect in the upcoming title’s career mode.

Deeper story

For the first time, EA Sports is going to add more depth and relationship to the Career Mode in a UFC game. Like the ones found in NBA 2K, the career mode in the upcoming title will let players enjoy a story that they have the option to alter depending on their choices.

At the center of the story alongside the player is Coach Davis. EA Sports hopes to show the fighter/coach dynamic with the game’s Career Mode. Players will also make relationships with other fighters, fans, and even sparring partners. With an unscripted storyline, the Career Mode is unique to each player.

Almost every aspect of the Career Mode can shift the player’s alignment. As per the trailer, the game mode will all be about balancing, so players will need to be smart about their every decision.

Fighter Evolution

As with the previous games, players can improve their fighters whichever way they want. The new Fighter Evolution mechanic adds a new depth to character progression.

Players can improve their character’s skills and attributes depending on what they use during fights. If they focus more on boxing skills, then they’re boxing skills will improve. This means that players will also have to consider how they fight with regards to how they want their fighter to grow.

Of course, injuries are going to be a part of the game as well. Players should be careful as the more damage they take to a certain part of their body, the bigger issue it will be for their career.

UFC 4 launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 14. The game will feature a ton of improvements from previous iterations of the franchise. EA Sports touts the next entry as the best one yet. For now, it seems like fans are certainly going to love what’s next.

Image used courtesy of UFC/YouTube

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