Everything we know so far about ‘Final Fantasy XVI’

The PlayStation 5 Showcase has wrapped up, and there were some major reveals during the stream. Perhaps the biggest reveal of them all was Final Fantasy XVI.

In the days leading up to the PlayStation 5 Showcase, there were already rumors that Final Fantasy XVI was going to be revealed soon. True enough, the game was revealed, and it was even the starter for the event. Here’s everything we know about the next Final Fantasy.

Release date and platform

The game will be released on the PlayStation 5 and PC. No release date has been shown yet. However, the trailer for the game does reveal a ton of gameplay footage, so some fans are suggesting that the game has been deep in development already. Hopefully, we get more news during upcoming events like the Tokyo Game Show 2020.


As Square Enix’s developers have said before, they want to bring back the franchise to its fantasy roots. The trailer gives us a glimpse of what the setting will be. True to their word, Square Enix is working on a Final Fantasy that has a fantasy setting. Previous games had modern and steampunk themes to them.

In the upcoming game, the popular summons from the series will be a crucial element to the story. The summons will be called as Eikons in Final Fantasy XVI. This could be a callback to Final Fantasy XI’s popular young summoner named Eiko.

The trailer also showed us some key characters from the game, including the lead named Joshua. As for the summons, we’ve gotten a glimpse of some of them, including Shiva, Tita, and Phoenix and Ifrit – both of whom grace the game’s title art.

We got a few snippets of the gameplay during the trailer as well. It seems like Square Enix is going to base the game’s combat from the action-paced system of Final Fantasy XV and the Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

We’ve yet to know more about the game, but it seems like it will be a great one. Square Enix is incorporating their classic take on the story with its new gameplay style for the title.

Final Fantasy XVI may very well be the biggest reveal during the PlayStation 5 Showcase, and fans have a lot of reasons to be ecstatic. While there’s no release date yet, fans can at least expect to hear more details about the game during upcoming events like the Tokyo Game Show.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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