Everything we know so far about ‘Minecraft Dungeons’ DLC

Minecraft Dungeons has been successful so far, and the game is a hit among gamers of all ages. However, it seems like the adventures are far from ending as Minecraft Dungeons DLC is on the way to further expand the game.

Although general reception on the game has been great so far, fans can’t help but criticize its length. Luckily, Minecraft Dungeons DLC packs will expand the experience with a host of new content. Here’s what we know about those two new DLC packs.

What are the two DLCs?

The first two DLCs for the game are titled Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter. They have announced shortly after the release of the game, and the good thing is that they are coming pretty soon as well.

According to the developers, Jungle Awakens launches on July 2020, but no specific date is being eyed yet. As for Creeping Winter, the developers note that it will launch at least two months after the release of the first DLC pack.

‘Jungle Awakens’

The first DLC will be based on a new jungle locale. The DLC will add a host of new mobs to face, such as the Leapleaf, Poison Quill Vine, and the Jungle Zombie. Of course, there will be some new bosses that will be leading these mobs as well.

It’s also a given that there will be some new equipment sets and Artifacts to collect in the first Minecraft Dungeons DLC. The new map to be introduced is said to be roughly 30% the size of the current map in the game, so this means players can clock in a few more hours with the DLC.

‘Creeping Winter’

The next DLC set to release a couple of months after Jungle Awakens is Creeping Winter. Not much has been revealed about the second DLC, but in terms of content, players can more or less expect some new mobs, new areas to explore, and new loot to acquire.

Creeping Winter features a new snowy locale, and there’s a good chance that this will affect gameplay. Current speculations suggest that players might have to fight slippery blocks as well.

Fans are surely excited for the first Minecraft Dungeons DLC to drop, and the good thing is that they don’t have to wait long. We can expect the developers to reveal more about the DLCs, including their exact release dates in the coming months.


Images used courtesy of Minecraft/YouTube

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