Everything we learned about the DualSense controller for the PS5

Sony unveils new DualSense wireless controller for the PS5

While we may not know much about the PlayStation 5, we at least have more knowledge of the DualSense controller. Just recently, the controller was presented, officially giving us a look at what it’s capable of.

The Summer Game Fest with Geoff Keighley was the avenue for our first look at the DualSense controller. The host not only showed the controller first hand, but he also played Astro’s Playground, a free title that comes with the PS5. Here’s everything we know about the controller.

Astro’s Playground is a tech showcase

The free Astro’s Playground game that comes with the PS5 essentially acts as a tech showcase for the console and the controller. It features a series of activities and mini-games that put the console to the test. Moreover, players will see a ton of odes to previous PlayStation consoles within the game.

It’s larger than DualShock 4

When put side by side, it’s apparent that the DualSense is the biggest controller that Sony has ever released. According to Keighley, the controller has more weight to it. The larger size and heavier controller isn’t exactly bad as it feels a lot better on the hands of players.

The controller is amazing

One of the touted features of the DualSense is that it will be more responsive to in-game actions. Previous iterations of the DualShock controllers vibrated at certain occasions to give the players a sense of immersion. The haptic feedback of the new controllers, ups the experience even further.

The controller won’t simply vibrate at times, but it will instead try its best to imitate the action that’s happening in-game. This means for instance if players are playing a racing game and the car grinds with a wall, players will get a feel of that in the controller.

In the showcase, Keighley showed off the device’s adaptive triggers. According to him, he felt the tension in the controllers as he was pulling a character made of spring. We can expect most of the activities from Astro’s Playground to showcase the full experience of the controller. It’s good that it’s going to be a free game with a purchase of the PlayStation 5.

Overall, the DualSense is looking like an amazing peripheral for the PlayStation 5. The device improves upon previous iterations of the controller, and players can’t wait to get their hands on it. The PlayStation 5 will launch holiday this year, but not the exact price and release date have been revealed yet.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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