Evidence suggests ‘Silent Hill 4’ is coming to PC

'Silent Hill' rumors emerge suggesting a PlayStation 5 release

Evidence is floating on the internet that Silent Hill 4 might come to the PC. A new listing on PEGI puts a potential re-release on the way.

The PEGI listing on Silent Hill 4 shows that the game will come out today, October 2. While this can be a mistake, there’s also a possibility that it will come out soon. This development comes right after Konami re-released some games on GOG.

Fans need a new SH4

Silent Hill 4: The Room came out in 2004 for the Playstation 2, PS3, Xbox, and the PC. It was one of the last games from Team Silent—the legendary team that created the first game. The game alternates between first-person segments and third-person survival horror.


Players needed to fight their way out of the apartment of Henry Townshend, the protagonist. SH4 did not receive universal acclaim, with the series on a steady decline ever since. Even then, the game is still one of the best in the franchise.

An HD re-release for SH4 would be fantastic, especially if it comes with Silent Hill 2 and 3. The 2004 PC port is hard to find in legal channels, usually sold to collectors everywhere. The game also needs a timely HD release for modern players.

Konami is recently on a spree, re-releasing their games on GOG. Last week, Konami ported Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, and MGS2. They also had a Castlevania and Contra bundle ready.

Players still want the franchise on PC

Silent Hill 4 joining the parade of Konami titles on PC would be perfect. If the Japanese studio decides to add Silent Hill 2 and 3 into the mix, they will likely enjoy success.

The Silent Hill franchise is a much-beloved nod to psychological horror. Unlike Resident Evil’s B-movie zombie horror, Akira Yamaoka’s creation focuses more on the mind. It shows how the world can be a dark place, with the mind being darker still.

If SH4: The Room comes out on PC, fans can expect the modding community to start working on it. Enhancements and mods are an inherent advantage for PC gamers. Fans can expect HD textures and even added gameplay.

Even then, there’s nothing that can beat a full HD remake, if Konami decides on it. People are still craving for an experience similar to Kojima’s PT. A new Silent Hill game for the PC will be an excellent experience for old and new players alike.

There still no clarification if Silent Hill 4 will come out soon. If it will, more information will likely come out in the weeks to come.

Images courtesy of SHN Survival Horror Network/Youtube Screenshot

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