‘Evil Inside’ is a PT-inspired horror game dropping this month

Evil Inside is one of the most thrilling releases dropping this month which is loosely inspired by the help of PT.

The game is not only a beloved entry in Silent Hill FranchiseIt would have been seen as a gaming icon of Hideo Kojima, Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro, and horror legend Junji pairing up and giving the jump scare we all deserve.

Unfortunately, this was not the fate which the game came upon. It was canceled as many rumors started spreading about the game and even rumblings of a reboot to the acclaimed franchise that might have kept it going.

Although this game was the scare of the decade, you might not tumble across most games out there which have left the fingerprints of PT. If you are still bummed about PT, then Evil Inside is worth checking out.

A lot of us had the hole in our hearts for a proper jumpscare, and we might finally get the hole filled as Evil Inside drops for PlayStation later this month.

What is the gameplay?

If you watch the trailer, you can easily find out the proper influence of PT portrayed through this game.

We can see the camera lazily drifting down the claustrophobic hallways, which occasionally shows the nightmarish flashes of images such as clowns or a twitching ghost or even a well ghost- the one inspired by the movie Ring.

The gameplay or the backstory is simple. It follows Mark’s story, who attempts to find out the killers of his murdered mother, and to the appreciable niche of this game, players know that things are bound to go wrong.

Of course, we don’t know as of now how the whole gameplay will lay out as to what players have once seen in Silent Hill.

It gives a chilling sense of thrill

You can capture the glance of the supernatural throughout the entire gameplay peering at you through the balconies. Odd pictures and frames are hanging on the walls, most of them are broken, and stuff that flashes in and out of vision as the lights turn red mostly.

The distorted image where Samara crawls out of the screen is disturbing as the protagonist just stands there and does nothing.

So yeah, there are some differences that players cannot overlook between Evil Inside and Silent Hill, but it mostly looks like a harmless horror made for sheer fun.

Evil Inside is developed with the help of a Spanish developer JanduSoft.S.L, and you can catch it dropping on PS4 and PS5 on March 25th.


Image courtesy of GameTrailers/YouTube

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