EVO 2020 is canceled following the removal of CEO for sexual allegations


EVO 2020 is now canceled, following several sexual misconduct allegations. CEO Joey Cuellar is fired and “will no longer be involved with Evo in any capacity.”

EVO 2020 named Tony Cannon as their new CEO and is currently under damage control. So far, multiple sponsors pulled away from the eSports event in solidarity with the victims. This move comes after sexual misconduct allegations came out of the woodwork.

Waves of sexual misconduct allegations thrown towards EVO CEO

Several gaming companies are pulling their support for this year’s EVO. Big names within the fighting games industry like Capcom and NetherRealm started the wave. Others followed suit, including Bandai Namco and Mane6.

The sexual abuse scandal eruption within the community is extensive. Among the ones who received such allegations include EVO CEO Joey Cuellar. In some reports, the community slung mud towards Cuellar for underage sexual misconduct.

In an online statement, an EVO competitor named Mikey recounted his experience. Cuellar, going by the name of Mr. Wizard, used to give hundreds of tokens in arcades. In exchange, he had underage boys allegedly strip and jump into pools of water.

Some allegations are far more graphic, but more accusations are propping up. While there is no solid evidence that pins it hard on Cuellar, the community is coming together. The voices are too many to ignore, with Cuellar’s “appetite” an open secret to the community.

These accusations came to many of the sponsors of the eSports event. Cuellar received a suspension early in the day following investigations. Now, Cuellar is out of the organization.

EVO removes CEO “effective immediately”

EVO 2020 comprises of the biggest fighting games in the community so far. With the game companies and sponsors pulling out, the event cannot push through. EVO Online canceled the entire event for the year.

“Over the past 24 hours, in response to serious allegations recently made public on Twitter, we have made the first of a series of important decisions regarding the future of our company,” said EVO Online.

“Effective immediately, Joey Cuellar will no longer be involved with Evo in any capacity. We are currently working towards his complete separation from the company and have relieved him of all his responsibilities.”

These allegations happen during a time that accusations in the Smash community came out. EVO’s difficulties are parts of the grief they had for the year. These, however, are not the first.

EVO canceled its physical event this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As they moved online, the community questioned the event’s ability to handle it.

With all the sexual allegations and sponsors pulling out, EVO 2020 signs off. Whether the organization can bounce from the scandal is another story for next year.

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