EXCLUSIVE: Former Australian gangster, Vince Focarelli, now the face of Islamic ICO

EXCLUSIVE: Former Australian gangster, Vince Focarelli, now the face of Islamic ICO

For many Australians Vince Focarelli became a household name as he rose to the top of Australia’s bikie gang underworld, now it appears he’s aiming to rise up in the world of cryptocurrency.


The gangster, turned devout Muslim, swears to have wiped his hands of the underworld.

Unable to return to Australia, he’s amassed a legion of fans in the Muslim world, particularly in Malaysia where he preaches the teachings of Islam and shares his story with school children in the hope of convincing them to turn to religion, not crime.

On its face value, it’s a stunning turn-around for the once feared gang leader who survived four assassination attempts, including one in which his own son was killed during a shoot-out in South Australia.

Micky can now reveal his appeal in the Muslim world has landed him a job as an ambassador for the ICO of ‘Shariah-compliant’ utility token, Bayan Token.

The ICO is aiming to raise up to US$35m.

Speaking to Micky News, Bayan Token Chief Operating Officer, Adam Mustapha said Vince Focarelli has already brought in new investors.

“We invited Vince to join us and upon hearing about what is Bayan Token, its features, and benefits, he straight away agreed as he is really convinced with Bayan Token’s potential,” said Mustapha.

Despite the former gangster’s chequered past and recent deportation from Australia, the COO believes Vince Focarelli is the ideal face for the ambitious project.

“We discovered about Vince’s journey to Islam and it strikes very well with Bayan Token’s story and vision.

“We hope his life’s experience will inspire people to be part of Bayan Token, since we are promoting ‘Good for Goodness’ concept, whereby when people invest in a Shariah-compliant product (GOOD), more benefits and blessings will come back to them (GOODNESS).

“Having Vince as our ambassador will definitely attract people to find out more about our products,” added Mustapha.

Bayan Token is the latest ICO to attempt to tap the trillion dollar Halal industry.

According to the whitepaper, there are varied plans as to what the ICO funds will be used for, including; establishing a network of Halal-Marts where the tokens can be used, developing a shariah-compliant artificial intelligence global equity trading platform and commercialising a new Halal health product that lowers cholesterol.

The organisation also claims, at the very least, Bayan Token holders will have access to a cloud server, giving users access to tools including private data storage of inventories, invoices, web server, email server, DNS server or any services hosted on a Linux platform.

The Bayan Token ICO was supposed to close on July 27, 2018, but Micky has been told it will now be extended until October 27, 2018.

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