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EXID’s Jeonghwa talks about her highly-anticipated screen debut


After her stint in the web drama Member of Society in 2019, EXID’s Jeonghwa will be exhibiting her prowess in action in her upcoming significant film sequel!

The Dragon Inn Part 1: the City of Sadness is directed by Choi Sang Hoon. It is an action noir film about a Chinese restaurant that seems ordinary outside yet conceals a thrilling secret.

The restaurant accommodates a vigilante squad that puts justice into its own hands. This is by ruling the cases without dealing with the court law.

The forthcoming sequel, the Dragon Inn Part 2: the Night of the Gods, will revolve around a missing girl’s incident. EXID’s Jeonghwa will still portray her role as Ji Hye, a commanding character of the Yong Ru Gak squad who designs plans and strategies for the group.

Jeonghwa on how she took the role

In a recent interview, Jeonghwa talked about getting to star in the Dragon Inn film by joining an audition. Parts of the character spoke to her as she thought of having the same aspects. Since Jeonghwa was the only female character in the film, she put a lot of attention and effort to not feel out of place with the male characters.

Jeonghwa also shared about changing her path into acting. She did not expect to greet viewers through a film first. The actress also explained that through the members of the Dragon Inn, she felt that they were one team like when she was promoting with the members through EXID.

She finds it attractive and wanted to share her thoughts about this because it was the first time she felt they were colleagues on the same boat that she even relied on them a lot.

The possible EXID reunion

Furthermore, Jeonghwa shared that it is still possible for an EXID reunion. She always thought of it as a house where she can always return. Each of them in EXID keeps the place within their hearts that whenever they feel of returning, they can. This is after having a break from works in life and pursued all the things they want to do.

Jeonghwa explained that it is her longtime goal and desire to work as an actress. She was then focusing on acting activities as she wanted to be an actress since nine years old. She said that working as a singer is also something she enjoys.

Jeonghwa revealed that the EXID members’ responded to her film. They said it was cool when they saw the poster and teaser.

Recently, Jeonghwa is presenting in the play The Excited Three Generations, and soon afterward will be starting the play Special Liar. The film Handsome Guys she worked on might also be released this year.

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