EXID’s Solji shares about her approach to love, her EXID and solo music

EXID’s Solji appeared in an interview and pictorial with Pilate S magazine and shares her approaches to love and the difference between her solo singing and as a member of EXID’s career.

Solji revealed in an interview with Pilate S magazine that she felt a stronger sense of responsibility. After asking about the most significant difference between pursuing a solo career and promoting as an EXID member. She also shared about setting ideal guidelines for herself, which she often voluntarily trapped with. 

At the moment, she was entirely focusing on developing her skills and is now in control of herself.

Solji in making music in full details

Solji has been making a name as a trustworthy OST queen with her emotional singing and beautiful vocals. As she describes her philosophy on singing for an OST, she said that a song would not flow smoothly in a drama if the vocals are too powerful. 

She focused her attention on making the song blend gently in a drama scene rather than having her characteristics showed up.

Solji also shared about the change in her style when portraying. She said that before, she worked hard to play emotions just like they were. But nowadays, trying to hold herself back and express feelings in a repressed way, just like painting a picture. 

Also, during the verses, she tried to play every note in a more detailed way. And she ended up singing each bar reflecting on the meaning like just telling her own story.

The singer’s view of romance

Moreover, Solji also opened up about her dating style and described it as honest and passionate. She is fair in expressing her feelings and is grateful when someone confesses love towards her. 

When asked to sum up her dating style, she answered that it was fiery and passionate love, like something ablaze with fire.

Solji is willing to give everything she possibly can without regrets. 

She also explained that her idealistic view of romance impacts her love life and her singing. She continued that even she does not have the kind of dating that fits with the ideals, she thought it would serve as an external textbook referring to understanding emotions and feeling the song’s message while singing.


Image courtesy of TheGsd/YouTube Screenshot

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