EXO Sehun strikes dashing looks on ‘Dazed’ magazine’s first 2021 issue


The 26-year-old South Korean singer, EXO Sehun, graced Dazed magazine’s cover for its first 2021 issue with his dashing looks.

One of the band’s finest, EXO Sehun, fills the Dazed magazine’s covers in the most sophisticated way—his handsomeness!

With that said, the idol indeed will captivate his fans’ hearts by his demeanor, for which he is always known.

EXO Sehun flutter the hearts of fans with his striking shots

The idol is hailed as the first celebrity to grace the various covers of Dazed‘s first 2021 issue, making its way after the New Year, as per Allkpop.

While wearing a wide array of outfits from Dior‘s mesmerizing collection, the idol exudes one-of-a-kind shots that undoubtedly make his fans gush the upcoming edition of the fashion magazine.

Sehun is an ambassador to the global luxury brand, highlighting the winter vibes with his freezing stills.

The said collection is from the brand’s Ski Collection, mixed with the Men Resort Collection.

As per Sehun, he wants to mix his fashion style with Dior‘s as he takes on a new challenge in reinterpreting the brand’s look into his style. “I think that’s the role of an ambassador,” he added.

Sehun went all-out with Dazed magazine

Aside from the idol being on the 18-page feature on Dazed, Sehun also participated in an interview for the magazine.

That said, the interview went with the EXO member talking about himself and his style.

“Even if it looks like a style that everyone knows, I think it’s cooler if there is an unbalanced point somewhere,” he said, after saying he does not want to be stated the obvious.

Moreover, the idol opened up about his goals laid out for next year. He revealed that life has a turning point, and he firmly believes in that.

However, he cherishes his present state as he moves on to 2021.

Image courtesy of EXO/YouTube Screenshot

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