EXO’s Kai, Baekhyun react to Kai’s ‘Mmmh’ music video

Two of EXO’s finest members react to the solo debut music video of Kai with Mmmh.

As Kai made his solo debut last November 30, featuring his album KAI and the title track Mmmh. On December 2, the fans had the chance to see Baekhyun and Kai reacting to the outstanding music video of his title track through a video.

Amazing CGI works

The two of them were amazed by the first scene because of the CGI. He shared that the room has been pretty cold during the filming of one of the dance scenes. Baekhyun also got absorbed in the video and let out yells of approval.

They also commented on how Kai teleported in the video. Recently, he said that he watched all the other individual EXODUS teasers. The superpower light and his teleportation remind him off back then.


Moreover, Baekhyun complimented the shoulder of the singer in his outfits in the video. He also leaned over to a pause where the scene shows the chest of Kai. However, he bet some of the fans must be pressing the spacebar during the break.

The pair was amazed during the surprise ending of the said video. It shows large rocks with some symbols on it for Xiumin and D.O’s superpowers over earth and ice. They guessed that it might be something related to their upcoming return.

Kai leveled up

After the music video was over, Baekhyun praised him as he said that he leveled up. He achieved a mature role with a sexy vibe.

He also shared that watching the video objectively made him see some things that he was disappointed about.

Lastly, Kai thanked Baekhyun for joining him and his kind words. He also said to his fans that they have been waiting for so long, hoping that people would support him and show much love.


Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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