EXO’s Kai reveals what he values more other than having many titles

EXO’s Kai recently made a vivid talk about his personal life and the things he is up to with W Korea‘s latest issue.

Kai encouraged everyone in his interview to treasure themselves, just like how he does for himself.

The idol shares that those who can’t do that well will be able to change once they go through an extreme situation.

The magazine spread of EXO’s Kai radiated a masculine and fashionable vibe. He also had fun talking about many things during the post-shoot interview!

Kai on creating his image

On talking about creating his image, the idol responded that he wanted to use everything as a tool to create the image of Kai.”

Being an artist having many titles, such as artists who perform well or dress well, is not a big deal of the idol.

He pointed out that what is important is the image people feel and think about when they hear his name.

The interviewer referred to Kai as a perfectionist and a person who will accomplish something he wants with fierce determination. Kai shared that he is not that kind of person.

He does what he needs to do: “I don’t want to do anything with the mind of conquering something under the idea of becoming the king of dancing. If I want to accomplish something, I try not to overdo it or lack the effort for it.”

What things Kai cannot do?

In the conversation about the things Kai can’t do, he shared that there are many things he can’t do, and one of them is doing something with his body.

With his response, the interviewer was surprised because the EXO member is known for having a good physique.

He candidly replied that he really couldn’t do such things. “I can’t do anything related to my body other than dancing and posing for photos,” he added.

He shared that he’s not good at sports, and he easily breaks stuff. The idol expressed that he usually doesn’t like complicated things, and he tends to live indifferently.

Regarding the title track of Kai, Mmmh, he shared that the title is used in various cases and has different meanings. He just thought it would be fun to express that kind of Mmmh.”


Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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