EXO’s Kai is up with 1st Look Magazine

EXO’s Kai sat in for an interview with 1st Look magazine and talked about his longing to perform live in front of his fans.

Kai slew the two covers of the fashion magazine, making him is the first male muse of the beauty brand Bobbi Brown.

Kai speaks much love for his fans

He sat for an interview after the pictorial, where he shared that he loves performing on stage. The fans are the reason why the stage is more notable for him.

He feels joy when he sees his fans’ expression and hears them cheering for him. The joy that the fans give him boosts his energy and focuses on his emotions as he performs.

Eager to perform

Kai also stated that lately, there are several times when he thinks about how he wants to perform again. He is eager to make a concert together with his fans. He hopes that someday, a day will come where he can perform full of life and energy.

Bringing more insights into his thoughts, Kai thinks that he tries to enjoy each day lately, and he has always wanted to do his work for a long time. He is also thinking about the direction that he will be taking.

Hopefully, he would take the direction that would help him be always happy and healthy.

Ranked in for brand reputation ranking

Moreover, EXO’s Kai is in the brand reputation rankings for individual boy group members. The Korean Business Research Institute revealed the list on October 17.

The ranking was determined thoroughly by analyzing consumer participation, communication media coverage, and community awareness index. There are 653 boy group members calculated from September 16 to October 16, 2020.

EXO’s Kai ranked No. 16 for October’s boy group member brand reputation ranking. Raking on first is BTS’s Jimin.

Image courtesy of DaftTaengk/YouTube Screenshot

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